• Can bumpy roads damage the portable power station?

    Our power station has passed un38.3 vibration test, installation of UL certified batteries with 9 quality tests to ensure safety, which is shockproof and drop resistant. Secure it in the car to prevent excessive up-and-down bumps.

  • Is it safe to leave the power station in the extreme heat?

    The charging temperature of the product is recommended to be between -10℃ and - 40℃, and the discharging temperature is recommended to be between -20℃ and - 55℃. For safety reasons, please do not store this product in the car under the sunshine for a long time, even if you don’t use it. In-vehicle temperature inside the car can reach to 70℃-80℃ in summer.

  • Can the power supply be mailed remotely?

    Outdoor power supplies are normally available by post, you can contact the express station for consultation before posting.

  • How to charge outdoor power supply for the first time in receiving?

    When you receive the portable power station, the initial power is about 40%, generally we recommend that the power station shall be charged before use, and after full charge in the first three charging, the power station shall be charged for 1-2 hours more.

  • How long does it last?

    Battery life is measured in cycles not times. Batteries that goes from 0% to 100% then runs out of power is called a cycle. Our power stations will have 80% health after 1500 cycles. If the power station used once a week, it will last about 28 years.

  • How long can the product charge my devices?

    Can be calculated by this equation: : energy capacity of battery*0.85/ equipment power or capacity of equipment; Or take a look at the LCD Screen, which can be used to estimate the charging time of most appliances with stable power usage Taking 1360E as an example: Projector (90W): 1361Wh*0.85/90Wh≈12.9 hours Notebook(60Wh): 1361Wh*0.85/60Wh≈19.3 times

  • What appliances can use portable power station?

    The actual product application needs to be determined on the energy of equipment corresponding to output power of the power station. Taking 1360E as an example, the power is 1000W, as long as the power of the electrical appliances is lower than 1000W, you can use this product.

  • Does it support charging while using?

    Yes, it supports charging and discharging while charging from vehicles, solar panels, etc. However it’s not recommend to use it when the battery is low or about to run out, this may result in power loss and eventually damage the battery

  • Does the power need to be used up before recharging?

    No. Portable power stations are same as other lithium battery products such as cameras, computers and cell phones etc., don’t like to be fully charged or undercharged. For maintenance, be careful not to drop the machine or get into water and check regularly every 3 months, recharge the power to more than 50% to extend the life of the battery.

  • How does the portable power station perform in extreme temperature?

    The charging temperature of our products is recommended to be between -10℃ and 40℃, and the discharging temperature is recommended to be between -20℃ and 45℃.